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AQH company supports these projects and activities:

NAMAK project (namak = salt in Farsi language) … emerged in 1998 as a loose association of geology students at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University. Today it gathers geologists, speleologists who are at the same time outdoor enthusiasts. They devote with passion to a systematic research of salt karst in Iran. Their expeditions to Iran had scientific research of the salt karst as their primary goal and helped documenting the cave systems (creation of maps, photo and video documentation). Based on comparing new knowledge with existing publications, the NAMAK team is able to declare the Iranian salt karst unique in worldwide context. Their research is thus highly acclaimed especially by other experts. Among the most significant results of the expeditions are discoveries of the longest salt cave in the world (3N) as well as the fifth long cave in the world (Ghar-e Daneshyu), discovery / localization of other forty caves, and collection of unique geology data that are presented in scientific journal as well as in popular magazines and TV (BBC, Czech Television, Czech Radio, Vesmír, Koktejl, Outdoor etc.). Until today ten month-long expeditions were undertaken. Mainly thanks to the discovery and documentation of the 3N Cave by the NAMAK team, part of the Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf became a National Geopark registered with the UNESCO database.

BERG Orchestra … represents the only Czech orchestra specialized in contemporary and 20th century music. It combines music with other art forms, such as film, dance, theatre or visual arts and often performs in venues other than traditional concert halls. The orchestra regularly commissions new works with the best young Czech composers. As such, it is instrumental in creating new value and investing in the future of music and the arts. Every year at least 6 new works are presented in world premieres at its concerts alongside Czech premieres of works by world class contemporary music figures. The orchestra collaborates with important Czech institutions (such as National Theatre, Czech Radio, Jewish Museum in Prague etc.) and excellent Czech and foreign artists. BERG Orchestra also devotes itself to promoting contemporary music among children. For his work with the orchestra its founder and artistic director, Slovak conductor Peter Vrabel, was awarded by the Czech section of the International Music Council of UNESCO (2010).